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Who We Are

Frequent Questions

Considering Assisted Living for you or a loved one? This section is a compilation of answers to the questions most commonly asked by potential residents and their families. Just start by following one of the links below. If you can’t find the question you wanted to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1. Our Fee Schedule is linked to the question above. We also accept Medicaid so residents who are Medicaid recipients are charged a reduced rate determined by the State of Colorado. Please call our Director at 970-875-1888 if you have any questions about the cost of The Haven.

  2. The Haven is truly a gem and as soon as you walk in our door you recognize the connections and sense of purpose that the residents have in living here. The Haven is home to 20 residents and with our small size, we are able to personalize the high-quality care that our residents receive. We have a tight knit group of dedicated employees working here – their motto is to treat the residents that live here as if they were their own family. Most of the residents that live here are from the Yampa Valley that they know and love, and those that are from elsewhere are quickly welcomed into The Haven family. The small size of The Haven coupled with a lot of tenured staff allows us to personalize our care and address each individual’s needs, meeting our residents wherever they may be in their life journey. The Haven has a great reputation for good reason – and that is thanks in part to the wonderful people that work here as well as the dear residents that live here. Schedule a tour today to see what makes The Haven so special:

  3. Everything we make is from scratch and we tailor our menu to our residents’ preferences. Click on the question above to view a sample menu. Breakfast is made-to-order, eggs/toast/bacon your way or fruit and granola, etc. whatever you prefer. Lunch is our biggest meal of the day and is typically a well-balanced protein, with fresh vegetables, salad, a starch, and a homemade dessert. Dinner is usually a soup/salad/casserole and is a lighter meal as we find our residents prefer this. If there is something we are preparing that you do not like you may always request an alternative. We also invite your family and friends to join you for meals free of charge as long as we have advanced notice. We encourage family and friends to be involved as much as possible in your life at The Haven.

  4. Does The Haven allow pets?

    Yes! We love your furry friends because we recognize how important they are to you. We allow well-behaved pets and the resident assumes full-responsibility for their pet. Family and friends are also welcome to bring their well-behaved animal(s) in to visit with you anytime.

  5. We encourage you to bring your own furniture to make your new room your new home. If you prefer, we can certainly furnish the room for you - just inquire with the Director. Each room has enough space for a bed, a couple night stands, a dresser, a television, a chair/loveseat, a mini fridge, etc. We encourage you to come and tour to see the space for yourself!

  6. What kind of activities does The Haven offer?

    We are constantly updating and improving our offerings depending on who is living here and their unique interests. Seasons change our offerings as well - in the summer and springtime residents might go to the pool weekly, enjoy outdoor concerts, play lots of yard games, gardening, etc. In the winter months we stay busy with our indoor garden, do chair yoga, bake and decorate cookies, quilting club, play cards, inviting kids from the school to come make crafts with our residents, etc. Please visit our Newsroom to view monthly Activity Calendars:

  7. Click the question above to read a blog post describing what a day in the life at The Haven is like. We also recommend following us on Facebook to get a better idea of what we’re up to in real time:

  8. Can I garden?

    Absolutely! We have a lot of outdoor space where residents can have their own garden and we also have a communal hydroponic tower garden where we grow fresh vegetables for salads all year long. Many of our residents were retired farmers/ranchers and so we recognize how important gardening is to them and encourage them to stay engaged and active in our community here.

  9. Is transportation available?

    Yes we have transportation options available. We have regularly scheduled outings and fieldtrips for all residents to join in. We also can coordinate with outside service providers to get you to doctors appointments if family is unavailable to take you. We are also available to drop you off locally in Hayden at a doctors/dental appointment.

  10. Click the question above to read our standards to live at The Haven. Please inquire with The Director for you or your loved one’s individual situation to determine if The Haven can meet your needs.

  11. Will I have to move out eventually?

    We strive to allow residents to spend the rest of their lives here at The Haven when possible. This is their home that they know and love, and so we try to prevent the need to move to a higher level of care if at all possible. We work closely with the home health and hospice team to meet the needs of people who might experiencing a sudden decline in their health or get a terminal diagnosis. Due to our small size and safety concerns, we do have to transition someone to a higher level of care if they require full-assistance with transfers, start to wander, have health issues that require 24/7 skilled nursing care, or have violent behaviors towards themselves or others.

  12. What is your staffing ratio?

    We always have at least 2 caregivers working at any given time and can adjust our staffing accordingly based on the needs of our current residents. We have very dedicated employees working here and anyone who has spent time here knows that we care for our residents as if they were our own family.

  13. We are fortunate to have many long-time employees working here and are actually fully-staffed. We even have a full-time caregiver so that if/when someone unexpectedly leaves we are not left in a staffing crisis, and the extra full-time caregiver is able to fill-in and float where needed. This ensures we have enough staffing to encourage employees to take care of themselves, to take a vacation, to not come in if sick, and that we always have enough staff on hand to meet then needs of our residents.

  14. The Haven is owned and operated by Northwest Colorado Health and is a non-profit 501 c(3). Learn more at